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Keyprime Roofing offers comprehensive siding repair for all types of siding. We are capable of undertaking repair jobs both large and small regardless of your home. Whether you have vinyl, steel, engineered wood, or fiber cement siding, we can fully restore your siding to give it a new look.

We also offer full siding replacement if you have old siding or have extensive damage to your siding. Call Keyprime Roofing today to discuss your needs and repair options. We can arrive on-site and offer a free estimate. You can get your siding repaired quickly with no hassle.

What Can You Expect During Siding Repair?

Although siding repair can seem to be complicated, it is actually quite simple. However, to get the best results, you should hire a professional siding repair company to do the work. The siding repair process typically includes:

  • The Initial Phone Call. When you call Keyprime Roofing, you will speak with an actual contractor who understands your problem. You will schedule an on-site consultation, where we will come to you so you do not have to drive around looking for a contractor.
  • A Free Estimate. When we arrive, we will perform an inspection of your home and a consultation. This includes a free estimate of all the parts and labor. We can go over your damaged area in detail and provide expert advice on the best way to proceed. Feel free to ask us any questions or address your concerns. We are here to listen and provide answers.
  • Scheduling a Repair. Once you approve of the work to be done, we will schedule a repair date. If necessary, we will also order all replacement parts. When you work with Keyprime Roofing, we will handle all areas of the job for you. We provide a comprehensive service so you do not have to work with multiple companies.
  • Reviewing the Work. Upon completion, we review everything all the work that we did and give you a detailed breakdown of the invoice. You know exactly what you are paying for and why you are paying for it. Again, feel free to ask any questions. We are here to help you throughout the process.

Repair or Replacement: Which is Best for You?

We often get questions from homeowners about whether they should repair or replace their siding. This can be a difficult question because the amount of work and cost involved in each. The main thing you need to know is that we will give you an honest assessment and recommendation based on the overall condition of your siding.

If your repairs and ongoing maintenance are going to continue costing you money over the next few months, then you may want to opt for a replacement. However, if your siding is in good condition, but you have an isolated damaged area, then we will likely recommend just a repair.

Keep in mind that your entire home is affected by your decision. Siding in poor overall condition can provide poor protection for your home and lead to a costly environment. New siding can help you maintain an energy-efficient home.

Call Today for a Free Estimate

If you need your siding repaired, then do not delay. Call Keyprime Roofing to fully restore your siding. We work on all types of siding and all types of homes. If you live in the Minneapolis, MN area, then call us today at 952-426-0132. We are here to help you with all your siding needs.