About Us

About Us

At Keyprime Roofing, our mission is simple: we provide meaningful, cost-effective, and lasting renovations for homeowners in Minneapolis. We do more than just repair a client’s roof, siding, or gutters. We build positive business relationships with our clients through exceptional customer service, industry-leading products, and a caring attitude.

When you hire Keyprime Roofing for your next project, you can feel confident you are working with seasoned professionals. Our entire team has the training, experience, and skills necessary to work on any project large and small. We adhere strictly to safety codes, building codes, and industry standards on every level of our work.

The Five Qualities of Good Roofing Business

The customer always comes first at Keyprime Roofing. We listen closely to your needs and desires and do everything we can to exceed your expectations. With that in mind, we honor these five qualities of roofing business:

  1. Dependable: You can depend on us to keep our promises, act professionally, and deliver quality products and service with no hassles. We work hard to meet deadlines and stay within your budget.
  2. Professional: What does professional actually mean to us? It means treating you, the customer, with absolute dignity and respect. It means showing up on time, wearing professional gear, and acting in a mature manner. Professionalism means staying current with modern trends, using modern equipment, and working efficiently.
  3. Problem-Solver: When you contact a roofing company, you expect answers to your questions. You also expect the company to be able to address your concerns and the problems at hand. We strive to provide answers and solve problems when you work with us. By solving problems, we make the roofing process much easier from start to finish.
  4. Personalized Service: When you contact Keyprime Roofing, you will engage with an actual contractor. We work with you one-on-one throughout every stage of the job. You are not just a client. Instead, you are a partner in the process. We keep you informed, listen to your feedback, and engage you as much as possible.
  5. Efficient Work: We respect your time and money. Therefore, we never want you to feel like you are wasting time. Efficient work does not mean being in a rush and doing the job in a sloppy manner. Rather, it means finding the best way to perform a job without wasting time. That is what we do. Our goal is to help you save money by finding the best way to do the job.

You Work with One Company, Not Several

It can be a hassle working with multiple contractors on a single job. For instance, you may have to make several phone calls to find the right windows, have them delivered to your home, and then get them installed. Wouldn’t it be nice if one company did it all for you?

Keyprime offers comprehensive service that covers all these areas. All you have to do is choose the product you want. We do the rest. We order the products, make all the phone calls, deliver your product to your home, and install it. We also follow up to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our service and with your product. Finally, you can work with a company that provides complete service.

Dependable Roofing Contractors in Minneapolis, MN

Thank you for considering Keyprime Roofing as your roofing contractor. We offer comprehensive services for homeowners in the Minneapolis, MN area. Whether you need repairs, installation, or a full replacement, feel free to call us at 952-426-0132. We can get started on your upcoming project right away.