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Fiber Cement Siding Installation

close up shot of a fiber cement siding.

Are you looking for innovative approach to siding? Then check out the features of fiber cement siding from Keyprime Roofing. We offer a vast assortment of cement siding products to suit any personal taste or home exterior. Our fiber cement siding is easy to install, built to last, and cost-effective.

When you partner with Keyprime Roofing for your fiber cement siding installation, you work with seasoned professionals who genuinely care about the success of your project. From initial design and concepts to project completion, we can walk you through every phase of the installation. Would you like to know more? Contact us today to get started!

Fiber Cement Siding: The Smart Choice

There are several reasons why we recommend fiber cement over other types of siding, such as:

  • Emulates Other Materials. Fiber cement may sound like a boring, institutional type of siding. However, fiber cement siding looks and feels like other types of siding materials. You can get the design you want, but with siding that is more cost-effective and long-lasting. Fiber cement siding resembles materials such as stucco, cedar wood, and wood clapboards.
  • High Value Per Dollar. Yes, you will pay more for fiber cement siding than other types of siding. The tradeoff, however, is that you get a product that requires less maintenance and lasts nearly twice as long as other types of siding. It is also fire, water, and heat resistant.
  • Perfect for Minnesota. You will rarely find any type of siding more fitting for the Minnesota climate than fiber cement. It holds up well during all four seasons. It is also perfect for the harsh winters, high winds, and snow and ice. If you are looking for siding that can withstand the outside elements, fiber cement siding is a great choice.
  • Rot-Resistant. Fiber cement is guaranteed not to succumb to mold or moisture. Therefore, it will not rot. It is also resistant to termite invasions, which can also lead to rot and decay. For the money, fiber cement is a great investment you can depend on to provide long-term protection for your home.

Working with Your Fiber Cement Contractor

You may be just now discovering the benefits of fiber cement siding. However, Keyprime Roofing has been installing fiber cement for several years. We have seen firsthand how well it holds up through the years. So, if you are interested in discovering the benefits and features of cement fiber siding, we can help you with your installation.

Keyprime Roofing offers complete fiber cement installation. We can work with you from start to finish to get the product you want from a company you can depend on. Do you have any questions or concerns? Feel free to ask. We can answer your questions, go over the details of both the product and the installation, and complete you project in a timely manner.

We are committed to ensuring you are completely satisfied with every aspect of our work. We also provide a complete service so you work with only one company instead of several smaller contractors. Keyprime has everything you need to make sure your installation experience is positive.

Call Us Today to Get Started with Your Installation

Are you interested in learning more about fiber cement siding? Then contact us today. Keyprime Roofing has the equipment, products, and team ready to help you with your installation. To find out more about our roofing siding installation service, call us at 952-426-0132. A siding specialist can provide a free estimate.