Snow & Ice Dam Removal

Preserve the structural integrity of your roof with proper winter maintenance. Keyprime Roofing is your source for ice dam removal in Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota.

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With average annual snow accumulation of up to 54 inches, winter in Minnesota can become especially problematic for your roof. Large amounts of snow and ice dams can breech roof materials, resulting in subsequent leaks and water damage to the home; and most people cannot simply grab a broom and hop onto their roof to clean it. Keyprime, Inc. is a full-service snow removal company that is experienced in removing heavy snow and ice from your roof properly, quickly, and efficiently.

Trying to remove snow and ice on your own can result in some unexpected accidents and injuries. Leave it to the professionals at Keyprime Roofing and Remodeling to remove any dangerous or bothersome snow and ice from your roof without damaging shingles.

Roof Snow Removal Dangers

  • Falling snow and ice can cause injury
  • Overexertion
  • Unsafe use of ladders
  • Tripping due to unseen or buried roof objects, such as vent stacks
  • Falling through unseen or buried skylight

Too often, people injure themselves each year trying to remove snow from their roofs. Rest assured, our snow-removal methods ensure the safety of our workers as well as your roof. To ensure a more effective snow removal process, contact us before the snow begins to fall so we can map your roof and inspect the shingles and gutters ahead of time.


Snow accumulation on your roof can lead to ice dams, which are a common problem for homeowners who live in areas where snow is common. Ice dams form when the roof snow melts from the heat of the home, collects in the gutter, and then freezes when the outside air chills the water. This creates a dam of ice that prevents the gutters from effectively funneling water away from the house. Instead, it will overflow and rise under shingles and possibly leak into your home. Water can also become so heavy that it collapses gutters, overhangs, and even damage sections of your roof.

Avoid unnecessary water damage repairs by letting Keyprime remove any ice dams this winter. We’ll safely and effectively remove ice from your gutters so when spring comes, your gutters can do their jobs and move water away from your home.