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Considered the standard in quality, Wood Windows add character to any home.

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Wood Windows in Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota

Wood windows are considered the gold standard for replacement by professional installers and homeowners alike. They are strong, beautiful and combined with advances in glass pane technologies, and can be exceptionally energy efficient. Such windows should be painted or stained periodically to remain protected from the elements. However, some are clad with vinyl or aluminum to protect the wood elements from weathering, resulting in a tough, maintenance-free exterior and a natural wood interior that you can paint or stain.

Rich. Warm. Classic. Wood windows have an air all of their own. But not just anybody can install these beautiful, energy-efficient windows. It takes more than knowledge. It takes craft and care. That’s why Keyprime Roofing and Remodeling installers are all factory-trained, expert craftsmen who are passionate about making your home look great.