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Finding the perfect siding for your home can be challenging if you try to do it on your own. Keyprime Roofing can help you find siding that provides ultimate protection while matching your home’s exterior design. From measuring and cutting to delivery and installation, we do it all for homeowners in Minneapolis, MN.

Keyprime Roofing offers vinyl, cement, steel, and wood engineered siding. You have many options so you can find the siding that fits your home best. Our labor and products are both guaranteed. You also benefit from our start-to-finish project management, where we’ll answer your questions, give you expert advice, and take care of all areas of the job.

the front porch of a white house.

Vinyl Siding

Choose from an assortment of styles, colors, and textures. Vinyl siding offers a long-term home-covering solution.

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the side of a blue house.

Steel Siding

Steel siding offers an elegant style and natural look to your home with endless options.

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close up shot of wood siding.

Wood Engineered Siding

With a look like natural wood, engineered wood offers greater strength and vitality.

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fiber cement siding.

Cement Siding

The unique look of cement siding is reinforced with impenetrable fiber cement base material.

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the front of a house.

Siding Repair

We offer fast, professional siding repair service in Minneapolis, MN that you can rely on.

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a room showing the studs of the walls.


Ensure your home stays comfortable all year long with premium siding insulation.

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Trim, Fascia and Soffits.

Trim, Fascia, & Soffits

Give your home that stunning, finished look with new trim, fascia, and soffits.

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Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation

We offer a no-cost in-home inspection and consultation to help you get started with your siding installation. Our siding experts will assess your current siding and go over the details of the project. This is the perfect time to tell us what you are looking for and ask questions.

We will cover everything in our in-home consultation. We discuss your product options, talk about timelines, and cover the associated costs. At Keyprime Roofing, it’s important you understand the ins and outs of new siding. When you make the right choice, you can feel confident that your project will be successful.

Great Siding Choices for Your Home

One of the reasons why homeowners in Minneapolis choose Keyprime Roofing is because we give you lots of options for siding installation such as:

Vinyl Siding

Of all the types of siding on the market today, vinyl siding is hands down the most popular. Vinyl enhances your curb appeal, retains its natural look, offers exceptional durability, and is easy to clean and maintain. You have a huge selection of colors, textures, and styles to choose from.

Steel Siding

In terms of strength and durability, few products surpass steel siding. It requires little maintenance over the years. It also resists bug and decay damage. Best of all, steel siding has a high fire resistance rating. It also holds up well under UV rays; meaning, it will not lose its color or texture.

Wood Engineered

If you want the natural look of wood but do not care for the cost or maintenance of natural wood, then you may want to go with wood engineered siding. It resists mold, insects, high winds, and impact far better than natural wood siding.

Cement Siding

Cement siding has an impressive lifespan—more than 50 years. It offers versatility in almost any house setting. Like engineered wood, you can buy cement siding that looks exactly like wood. You have an endless array of installation options. Like other types of siding, cement siding is fire-resistant and resists warping and rotting.

Insulation, Trim, Fascia, & Soffits

In addition to standard siding installation, we also offer installation for new wall insulation, trims, fascias, and soffits. We can customize your installation according to your home’s layout and your precise instructions.

Call Keyprime Roofing Today

One of the things that separates Keyprime Roofing from other siding companies is our commitment to customer service. We can help you through your entire project from start to finish. To find out more about our services, call us at 952-426-0132. We are your #1 siding company in Minneapolis, Minnesota.