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Maintaining your roof is essential to the integrity of your entire property. Keyprime is your source for rood repair and replacement in Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota.

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Small defects in your roof might not warrant installing a new one. When there are minor issues, oftentimes a simple roof repair will fix the problem for much less than a brand-new roof would cost. But you have to be vigilant. If you sense there might be damage to your roof, call us today. It could save you lots of money in the long run.

Even the most minor roof leaks can cause major damage. If you have noticed any unusual water stains on your ceiling, where the ceiling meets the wall, or on the walls themselves – you probably have a leak in your roof. The leak itself might be local to the area where the telltale signs have manifested, or it may be quite distant. Often, water can travel along the vapor barrier and come through openings in it, such as those at ceiling light fixtures.

A number of factors can cause roof leaks – bad weather, ice dams, substandard installation or just the sheer age of your roof. Any leaks that are discovered should be fixed immediately, even if you ultimately plan on installing a new roof some time in the future. It does not take long for mold to take root, framing to rot and ceilings to be damaged. Subsequent repairs can be costly and extensive.

With Keyprime Roofing and Remodeling repairing your roof is simple and cost effective. We can find and fix the problem quickly, saving you money in the long run. No job is too large or too small – and the quality of our work is always second to none.

Keyprime is here to help with your roof repair and replacement needs in Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota.