Save Energy – Save Money

You know that proper insulation in your home can help to make you more comfortable, but did you know that new insulation can help you save energy, too?

It can. We work closely with energy programs at the local, state, and national levels to ensure that you get the best value for your investment. We begin the process by performing an audit of your current energy costs. This includes looking at your heating and cooling system, current insulation levels, and looking for air penetration. Even though your home might seem well protected against the elements, there are telltale signs that you are losing out on your energy costs. Many of these signs are not visible to the naked eye, which is why we use an infrared camera to look at your entire home and quickly identify areas for improvement.

Prevent Ice Dams – Prevent Damage

Not only will you save money on your monthly energy costs, but you'll save money by preventing future damage. Proper insulation can help to prevent ice dams, those troublesome buildups of ice on the roof. Ice dams can cause delamination of decking, curling of shingles, water spots on your ceiling, mold, and more. Essentially, ice dams are incredibly taxing on your roof, and the damage can spread further inside your home. If left untreated, ice dams could cause costly repairs in the future.

Custom Insulation Packages

Every home is different and has different needs. That's why we perform a thorough audit of your home before proposing a custom insulation package. We take great pride in designing the perfect package for your home.

We use cellulose as much as possible when we install new insulation in your home. Cellulose is a recycled material with an excellent fire rating. It also deters insects and rodents, works as a desiccant, deadens sound, and still retains its insulation properties even when compressed (poly and fiberglass insulation, when compressed, loses all of its value).

Attic Ventilation and Air Flow

Once we make our way through your home, the next important aspect to consider is soffit and roof ventilation and air flow. If you have an air leak, it can be like water rushing into a leaking boat: untreated air floods your home, causing a disruption to your internal homeostasis, resulting in your HVAC system having to work much harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.

New Construction

Not only do we offer insulation and weatherization for your existing home, we work on new homes and buildings, too. Our expert installers will air seal your new building and bring everything up to code.

The Result

Depending on the condition of your home’s current insulation, we can make your home up to 85% more energy efficient. We know you'll enjoy the controlled climate of your home, and that you'll love the monthly savings on your energy bill.

Weatherization and Insulation

Protect your home and comfort with our industry leading insulation and weatherization services.