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Considerations When Installing a New Roof

When you bought your house, you had an inspection completed to assure everything was structurally sound and in good working order. Since that time, you’ve probably painted to match room colors to your tastes, maybe put in new flooring, kitchen cabinetry or bathroom vanities. You likely haven’t given the roof a second thought. Not all roofs are the same, there are style and design options available you may have never considered.

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Why Gutters Are Important to Your Roofing System

Unless you’ve worked in the construction trade, you’ve probably never considered just how intricate a system your roof actually is. It’s not just a bundle of shingles placed across plywood but instead is well thought out to protect your home. A well planned roof doesn’t just keep your home secure against the weather, but directs the flow of rainwater away from the structural aspects of your walls and foundation so you can rest assured the house will stand over the course of multiple generations.

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Customized Decking Systems

A deck is a nice feature for any home in that it provides an outdoor haven where  you relax alone or entertain guests. A standard deck is great in and of itself, but you should also consider the customized options available. Customization is not just limited to built-in tables and seating, but actually turns a deck platform into a deck system with specific functional areas providing an interesting architectural detail to the home.

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