Do you know how old your household windows are? If you’re like most homeowners, you have little to no idea, especially if you bought a house that was previously lived in. Residential windows aren’t designed to last forever, and even if they look flawless, that doesn’t mean they’re providing optimal protection for your home.

At Keyprime Roofing, we stress the importance of paying close attention to your windows because we understand how critical they are for protecting your home. If you’re unsure how old your windows are, keep an eye out for any of the following signs that your home might require new window installation.

Rising Energy Bills

Have you noticed your energy bills gradually rising? Can’t seem to figure out why? If your windows are old and deteriorating, they may be a major culprit behind your rising energy expenses.

When the seals around your windows begin to deteriorate, a significant amount of conditioned air can escape your home. Your furnace or air conditioner must then work overtime to maintain a constant indoor temperature, which consumes more energy.

If you think old windows might be the reason your energy bills are rising, contact a window contractor to schedule an inspection. A professional can determine whether window repairs will remedy the problem or if opting for new window installation is a more cost-effective, long-term option.

Drafty Rooms

If you have trouble maintaining a consistent temperature throughout your house, your windows may be to blame. Take a minute to stand next to the windows in any rooms that are colder than the rest of your house — can you feel cold air entering the room through the window frame? If so, you likely have a deteriorating window seal on your hands or the window was improperly installed.

If you have drafty rooms coupled with rising energy costs, your windows are almost certainly the culprit. To avoid unnecessary expenses and to maintain year-round indoor comfort, new window installation is usually the best course of action. Schedule an assessment with a licensed window contractor to determine the best course of action for your situation.

Faulty Window Operation

If you have a tough time opening or closing any of the windows in your house, chances are you need to replace them. That said, other issues, such as structural shifting, can cause the frame of the window to shift, rendering the window itself inoperable.

The most reliable way to determine whether your sticking windows are the result of age-related deterioration or structural shifting is to schedule an inspection with a window contractor. A professional can assess whether the window apparatus is aged beyond repair and recommend cost-effective options for repair or new window installation.

Single-Pane Glass in Window Frames

Many homes feature windows fashioned from single-pane glass, but a singular pane doesn’t provide substantial insulation against indoor-outdoor heat exchange. If you have single-pane windows and you know they’re relatively new, it’s not imperative that you replace them. However, opting for new window installation can reduce your household energy consumption by up to 30%.

If, on the other hand, you’re unsure how old your single-pane windows are, it’s never a bad idea to schedule an inspection with a professional window contractor. Identifying performance issues as early as possible will help you maximize your indoor comfort level and avoid unnecessarily high energy costs.

Interior Condensation on the Glass

Do any of your windows fog up from the inside? If so, that condensation may indicate window deterioration, depending on the humidity level inside your home. When warm indoor air makes contact with the cold surface of the window glass, condensation forms. If your relative indoor humidity is above the recommended range, that may be the culprit, but typically, indoor window condensation necessitates further inspection.

To find out if you need to pursue new window installation, contact a window contractor to schedule an inspection. If seal deterioration is present or if any of the frames are significantly aged, replacing the affected windows is almost always the most cost-effective option.

One thing to note: If you have multi-pane windows, condensation may form between the panes of glass rather than inside your home. This issue still necessitates a professional window inspection to determine if repair or replacement is necessary.

Excessive Outdoor Noise

If you’ve noticed an unusual amount of outdoor noise inside your home, chances are your windows are past their prime. Window glass is designed to insulate against outdoor sounds, and when windows are new, they successfully muffle a great deal of outside noise. But as windows age, their ability to block sound gradually declines.

If the level of outdoor sound inside your home is unusually high or distracting, it may be time to start thinking about new window installation. This common indication of window deterioration is relatively harmless, but it does serve as an early warning sign of potential future problems.

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