Planning to replace your old roof? Then you need to know how to care for it properly. A new roof is a substantial investment, and when properly maintained, it can last for decades. When neglected, however, even a brand new roof can suffer unnecessary damage or deterioration that will ultimately shorten its lifespan. If you’re not quite sure how to help your roof stand the test of time, our Keyprime Roofing team explains a few useful tips below. 

Clean Your Gutters

Clogged gutters aren’t just unsightly; they also threaten the integrity of your roof, your siding, and your home’s foundation. When leaves and other debris accumulate inside your gutters, water runoff cannot efficiently exit the roof and flow away from your home.

Depending on the severity of the buildup, water can wick back toward the roof, soaking the sheathing and accelerating deterioration. Over time, you could end up with rot, which typically necessitates a roof replacement. You can avoid this issue by practicing regular gutter cleaning, preferably twice per year. Whether you prefer doing the job yourself, or you feel more comfortable hiring a professional, just make sure you don’t neglect it!

Remove Organic Growths

Certain types of roofing materials are more susceptible to algae and moss growth, which present more than just an eyesore. While some species of algae are essentially harmless, others can hold moisture against the shingles, accelerating deterioration. Moss, on the other hand, always holds the potential for accelerating roof breakdown, simply because it contains a substantial amount of moisture.

If you notice any form of organic growth on your roof, it’s important to remove it as quickly as possible to allow your shingles to remain dry and intact. If your roof contains substantial buildup, you may need to apply a specialized solution to kill the organic matter before you can remove it completely.

Not sure which solutions are appropriate for your specific roofing material? Contact your roofing company for recommendations on which cleaning products won’t harm your shingles.

Clean Up Debris

If you have a basic, sloped roof without any protrusions, chances are your roof will remain relatively clean with minimal upkeep. However, if you have several large trees or if your roof features dormers, multiple angles, or a chimney, organic debris can collect in the crevices and valleys.

Over time, this debris can accumulate moisture, which will cause it to gradually decompose. Decomposing organic matter pins moisture against your roof, where it creates the perfect environment for organic growths like mold and mildew. To avoid this issue, be sure to remove leaves and other debris at regular intervals.

Trim Your Trees

If you have large, overhanging branches above your roof, a little bit of tree trimming can go a long way in keeping organic debris off your shingles. Too, in the Twin Cities, where we see our fair share of high winds, branch trimming can help protect your roof against tree-related damage.

If possible, try to trim overhanging branches so that they don’t extend within 10 feet of your roof. Tree-trimming can be a hazardous job, so for safety’s sake, hire a professional to take care of this job.

Prevent or Remove Ice Dams

In the Twin Cities, we see our fair of snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures, which means many roofs have a high potential for developing ice dams during winter. If you notice ice buildup on your roof and allow it to sit unchecked, potential complications include:

●        Loosened shingles

●        Water penetration beneath the shingles

●        Mold and mildew development in the attic

●        Gutter and siding damage

●        Roof warping

To avoid roof damage associated with excess snow and ice, it’s imperative that you have ice dams removed as soon as you notice their development. At Keyprime Roofing, our ice dam removal specialists perform same- or next-day steam-based ice removal, which is the safest, most effective method of eliminating excess ice.

One thing to note: Ice dams often develop due to inadequate attic insulation. If your roof is especially prone to ice buildup, our insulation contractors can inspect your attic for insulation issues and offer solutions to help mitigate ice dam formation.

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