Did your roof recently suffer damage? Has it deteriorated over time? Given the critical role your roof plays in protecting your home (and you), it’s essential that you deal with the issue as promptly as possible. At Keyprime Roofing, we know it can be difficult to determine whether your roof requires a few simple repairs, or if a replacement is on the horizon. To help you better recognize the difference, we’ve compiled a collection of considerations below.

How Severe is the Damage?

Is your roof only missing a shingle or two? Or is there a considerable amount of deterioration or damage? The severity of the problem is generally the determining factor when deciding between repairs or replacement, so start by assessing the situation. Signs you may require a roof replacement include:

●        Bald spots where shingle granules are missing

●        Missing or damaged flashings

●        Curling, buckling or cracking shingles

●        Warped or sagging areas as a result of roof rot

●        Water damage in the attic

If you don’t feel comfortable scaling your roof, or if you aren’t sure where the issues lie, schedule an inspection with a roofing company. Professional roofers can quickly inspect your roof for problems and offer expert recommendations on your best course of action.

Is Your Roof Nearing the End of Its Lifespan?

The majority of roofs last for about 20-30 years, but that timeframe can vary based on a variety of factors. In Minnesota, where we see our fair share of precipitation and high winds throughout the year, more rapid roof deterioration is not uncommon. For reference, average lifespans of the most common roofing materials are as follows:

●        Asphalt shingles. With proper maintenance, asphalt shingles have a lifespan ranging from 15-30 years.

●        Cedar shake shingles. On average, cedar shake shingles last approximately 30-50 years. However, that timeframe depends on the type and frequency of treatments applied to the wood.

●        Metal roofing. A metal roof can last anywhere from 50-70 years, depending on the material and integrity of the roof installation.

●        Concrete & ceramic tile. Concrete roofing tiles can last 50 years or more, while clay or slate tiles will protect your home for up to 100 years. 

If your roof is nearing the end of its functional life and you’re dealing with a minor issue, your roofers may determine that repairs are a feasible option. However, if you’ve noticed considerable deterioration, a roof replacement is almost always the more cost-effective option. Though repairing a considerably aged roof can buy you some time, ultimately, you’ll end up replacing it anyway.

What Kind of Budget Do You Have?

In some cases, a roof replacement may be the best course of action, but for many homeowners, that kind of expense simply isn’t feasible. There’s no arguing that a new roof is a substantial investment, and if it’s not in your budget, there’s no shame in opting for what you can realistically afford. 

At Keyprime Roofing, it’s our goal to deliver cost-effective renovations for any budget, so if a new roof just isn’t in the cards, we can help you find a solution. Keep in mind, though, that while repairs can provide a temporary solution, if you truly need a roof replacement, you won’t be able to put it off forever.

Are Roof Repairs a Frequent Occurrence?

How often do you hire roofing contractors to perform repairs? Are roof problems an ongoing issue? If you’re continually paying for repairs, that’s typically a sign that you need a new roof. That said, the quality of those repairs plays a significant role in their staying power.

What kind of reputation does the roofing company who performed the repairs have? Are they known for performing sub-par work? If that’s the case, a quality roofing company may be able to provide a long-term remedy for recurring roof issues, but that’s not a guarantee. You’ll need to schedule an inspection to get a definitive answer.

Bottom line: Though repairs can buy you time before your next roof replacement, in the long run, those costs add up. Financially, replacing the roof, though a considerable expense, may be the more cost-effective choice.

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