Do you suspect your roof is on its way out? Was it installed well before you bought your home? At Keyprime Roofing, we know it’s often difficult to discern whether your roof requires a repair or a full-blown replacement. We also know that making the appropriate call can potentially save you thousands in home remediation costs over the long term. Rather than postpone your roof replacement until you’re catching dripping rain in buckets on your floor, keep an eye out for these five signs that roof requires prompt attention:

Your Roof Is Getting Old

Every roof has an approximate life span, depending on its materials, the surrounding climate, and the quality of its construction. Average lifespans for the most popular roofing materials are as follows:

●        Asphalt shingles. Asphalt typically lasts about 20 years, give or take. Substantial granule loss is a hallmark sign that the roof is beyond its usable lifespan.

●        Cedar shake shingles. In most areas, cedar shake has a lifespan of around 30 years. Large areas of warping, cracking, and splitting shingles indicate the need for replacement.

●        Metal roof. Metal roofing can last anywhere from 40-70 years, depending on the quality of the installation. When properly installed, metal may last as long as the home itself.

If your roof is well beyond its average usable lifespan, it’s time to start thinking about a roof replacement. Even if your roof shows no visible signs of deterioration, the least you can do is have a professional roof inspection to assess its aging state. 

Visible Shingle Deterioration & Missing Shingles

If you can see patches of missing shingles or curled, cracked, and buckled shingles, it may be time for a new roof, though that’s not always the case. If your roof hasn’t hit the 15-20 year mark yet, there’s a high probability a less involved roof repair will remedy the issue. That said, only an experienced roofing contractor should make that call.

If you notice moderate shingle damage after a heavy storm or when the snow finally begins to melt, it’s always a smart idea to request a roof inspection. Sometimes, there’s more damage than meets the eye, and prompt attention can make the difference between an expensive roof replacement and a simple repair.

Your Roof Is a Terrarium

Can you see plants growing on your shingles? Moss might be a decorative addition to your landscaping, but when it permeates your roof, you’re in trouble. Moss, algae, and fungi only grow in damp areas, so if they’ve taken over your shingles, that’s a solid indication there’s moisture trapped beneath the upper layer of your roof.

Unfortunately, moisture can deteriorate your roof’s structural components rather quickly, so if plants have begun growing, your roof may be past the point of a simple repair. That said, in some cases, the damage may not be severe, so contact a roofing contractor for a thorough inspection. If you’re lucky, you might get by without a full roof replacement.

Visible Signs of Mold & Rot

If you can clearly see mold in your attic, or if your roof visibly sags, it’s high time for roof replacement. A sagging roof presents a significant safety hazard to you and your family because it cannot withstand inclement weather and could collapse at any time.

Beyond safety, that level of roof deterioration can seriously compromise the structural integrity of your home. And, if that’s not enough, exposure to substantial amounts of mold and rot can trigger short term allergies, and in some individuals, long-term illness. If your roof has reached this point, contact a qualified roofing contractor immediately.

Flashing Deterioration

Not sure what flashings are? If you’ve ever been up on your roof, you’ve probably noticed thin strips of metal that line sections of the roof where vertical protrusions meet the roof’s horizontal plane. Those thin, metal strips are called flashings, and they function to seal your roof’s seams and prevent moisture and debris from traveling beneath the shingles.

As your roof ages, though, those flashings eventually deteriorate, especially if they’re fashioned from tar or roof cement, as is often the case on older homes. You typically can’t see flashing deterioration from the ground, so for safety’s sake, contact a roofing contractor for a quick roof inspection.

Even if you have no qualms about heights, performing a DIY roof inspection usually won’t yield useful information, unless you have extensive roofing knowledge, that is. 

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