Are you thinking of selling your home soon? Is it ready to impress potential buyers? Could it use a few upgrades? If you’re hoping to get top dollar for your property, in most cases, you need to invest in a few upgrades to make your home stand out. Though, certain upgrades won’t give you what you’re looking for in terms of monetary return. At Keyprime Roofing, we’re here to help you make the most intelligent (and rewarding) decisions when upgrading your home. To help you do that, we’ve put together this brief list of the top exterior improvement with the highest ROI.

Roof Replacement or Repair

In Minnesota, the typical roof has a lifespan of approximately 20 years, so if your roof is nearing the end of its days, consider replacing it before you list your home. Though one of the more expensive home improvement undertakings, a new roof is critical if your home is in danger of incurring water damage.

In the event that a leak damages your drywall or flooring, repairs could run you in excess of $20,000. A new roof, however, will typically cost you less, and according to realtors, it’s one of the biggest deal-closers for potential buyers. The ROI on a new roof can vary drastically based on the materials you select and the location of your home. However, most estimates place the ROI between 80-105%.

New Front Entry Door

A new entry door may seem like a trivial addition, but on average, homeowners who replace their front door see a 90-100% return on their investment. First impressions are everything when potential buyers view your home, and the front door is typically one of the first things they see. If your existing door isn’t energy-efficient or it’s sorely outdated, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. Here are your options:

●        Steel doors are highly energy-efficient, thus delivering a 90-104% ROI.

●        Fiberglass doors are energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and typically deliver 80-120% ROI.

●        Wood doors are higher maintenance but highly aesthetic. Modern homeowners typically prefer the higher energy-efficiency rating of other materials, which reflects in woods comparatively paltry ROI of around 50-70%

Siding Replacement

How old is your existing siding? Is it in good shape? Do you know what type of siding you have? Potential buyers are bound to ask such questions, so if you’re siding is damaged or outdated, it’s likely time for an upgrade. At Keyprime Roofing, we offer several types of siding to fit any budget and aesthetic goal, including:

●        Vinyl

●        Steel

●        Wood Engineered

●        Cement

Siding repair may be an option if your existing siding is in good shape overall, but it has few dents, dings, or areas of deterioration. If you lack energy-efficiency, we can also install insulation to help keep heat transfer to a minimum.

Neutral Paint

Most potential buyers are looking for neutral-colored properties. So, if your home is currently fire-engine red or canary yellow, it’s time to think about a new paint job. Psychologically, buyers have a tough time envisioning their belongings in a home that was aesthetically designed for someone else’s taste. Neutral colors, however, keep the design simple, clean, and appealing, which allows homeowners to focus on the structural details and improvements rather than the distracting, overwhelming paint.

If your exterior is already a neutral shade, you may want to consider touching up the paint. Inevitably, you’ll find a few areas with damaged or flaking paint, so take a few minutes to examine your home’s exterior for tiny flaws. Or, if you’re short on time, simply touch up the front door and trim.

Energy-Efficient Windows

With energy-efficiency on the rise, upgrading your outdated windows for more energy-efficient glass can be highly beneficial for your bottom line. According to the National Association of Home Builders, potential buyers from every income level listed energy-efficient windows as a highly desirable feature in the homes they’d consider purchasing. At Keyprime Roofing, we offer a variety of energy-efficient windows designed to meet both the functional and aesthetic needs of any homeowner. They include:

●        Vinyl Windows. These windows have long been a homeowner favorite due to their sturdy, durable construction and remarkable energy-efficiency. Vinyl offers superior thermal protection over wood and aluminum, though it is typically the more affordable option of the three. Vinyl windows are available in several styles, including double-hung, casement, bay and bow, and awning.

●        Clad Windows. Clad windows feature a protective casing around the interior of the window, which makes them a super low-maintenance option. These windows offer the aesthetic appeal of wood, but without the extensive maintenance. They are available in vinyl, wood, and fiberglass, and are highly resistant to weather-related deterioration.

●        Wood Windows. Wood windows are highly energy-efficient, though if they suffer damage or deterioration, gaps in the wood may allow heat and cold transfer to occur. Wood is well-known as one of the most energy-efficient and insulating window materials; however, it also comes with higher cost and more extensive maintenance.


While this isn’t something we do for our clients, a landscaping refresh can make a tremendous difference in the appearance and value of your home’s exterior. When potential buyers view your home, the first thing they see is the front lawn and the front of your home.

Both the structure and its surrounding design should be cohesive and complement one another. If you’re upgrading your siding and windows, it simply doesn’t make sense to leave your lawn behind. First impressions are everything in the eyes of potential buyers, so make sure you’re presenting your home in the best possible light.

The average landscaping update or overhaul will run you around 10% of the value of your home, though you’ll recoup at least 100% of your investment. Some homeowners—depending on the landscaping revisions and area—have seen a 1000% ROI on updated landscaping!

Keyprime Roofing: Your Source for Exterior Home Improvements

At Keyprime Roofing, we understand how important the exterior of your home is to the selling process. That’s why we’re dedicated to delivering superb craftsmanship and superior products. From window replacement and entry door upgrades to roof replacement and siding repair, we’ll ensure your home’s exterior stands out from the competition. To learn more about our products and services, give us a call at 952-426-0132 or message us on our contact page. Or, feel free to fill out this form with your information to request your free quote.