Does your Twin Cities home need a new roof? Are you looking to cut down on installation expenses? Then you may have thought about asking roofing contractors to install an overlay roof. But should you really take that route? It depends.

Although putting a new roof over your existing roof may be possible, that doesn’t necessarily make an overlay the best choice. Furthermore, because overlay roofs are only possible under certain circumstances, your roof may not be eligible for one.

At Keyprime Roofing, we understand getting a roof replacement is a major expense and many homeowners must stick to a tight budget. However, we also know that if you choose to cut corners to save on installation costs, you’ll probably regret it at some point down the road.

Read on to find out whether an overlay roof is something you should consider.

When Can You Opt for a Roof Overlay?

If you’re looking to have roofing contractors install a new roof over your existing roof, you must have asphalt shingles. If you have any other type of roof, you cannot get an overlay — period. All other roofing materials are too weighty and bulky to allow for an additional layer of roofing.

When Is an Overlay Roof Out of the Question?

When you inquire about getting an overlay, any reputable roofing contractor will inform you that your roof is not a good candidate for re-roofing if any of the following circumstances are true:

●        The roof already has more than one layer. If your roof has already had an overlay, whether it happened while you owned the home or not, it’s not eligible for another one. Any quality roofing contractor will tell you the entire roof (both layers) needs to be torn off before another roof can be installed.

●        The shingles are curling or in poor condition. Roof overlays are only possible when the first layer of shingles is intact and level. If your shingles are curling, they can interfere with the installation of the overlay. If the curling is severe and widespread, it usually makes more sense to get a brand new roof. Otherwise, you’ll pay for shingle replacement and an overlay, which isn’t cost effective.

●        The roof has extensive damage. Slapping a new roof over an old roof that has considerable damage is a terrible idea. If you’re working with a quality roofing company, the contractors won’t even entertain the idea. If there’s any degree of water damage, roof rot, or sheathing damage, you need a complete roof replacement, tear-off included.

Is Getting an Overlay a Cost-Effective Choice?

If there’s one pro to opting for an overlay roof, it’s that you stand to save a little bit of money. How much? Given the additional prepwork required to complete the job, most homeowners find they save about 25% compared to the cost of opting for a tear-off and a completely new roof. It’s not a huge amount by any means, so keep that in mind.

Something else to consider is the projected lifespan of an overlay. Given their weight, the average lifespan of overlays runs about 15 years — five to 10 years less than a total roof replacement.

Roof maintenance is another critical consideration. When you get a new roof on top of an old roof, it requires extra maintenance because there are two layers of shingles. If any problems develop, it can be very challenging to determine their origin and assess the extent of the issue. Plus, with two layers, the roof is extra heavy, which can overstress the structural components of your home over time.

Finally, because a roof can’t have more than two layers, the next time your home needs a roof replacement, you’ll have to pay extra to have both layers torn off. When you consider all the potential complications and drawbacks, opting for an overlay roof may end up costing you more than a complete replacement in the long run.  

Final Thoughts: Should You Go For It?

Most reputable roofing contractors advise against getting an overlay roof given the variety of issues that a two-layered roof can develop. Even if you’re trying to save a little money, there’s a solid chance you’ll end up spending more than you planned to over time.

If you’re really in a financial pinch and your roof qualifies for any overlay, discuss your options with your roofing contractor before making a decision. While re-roofing might seem like a good idea initially, it’s important to understand any risks you may be taking on. Only a qualified, experienced roofing contractor can make that assessment.

Need to Discuss Your Project With a Twin Cities Roofing Company?

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