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Winter Weather Roof Preparation: 5 Essential Tips

Winter is on its way in the Twin Cities and that means it’s time to prepare your home exterior for snow season. At Keyprime Roofing, we emphasize proper roof maintenance and routine inspections because we know what a critical role your roof plays in the overall protection of your home.

Need a New Roof? How to Get Your Homeowner’s Insurance to Pay for It

Has your roof seen better days? Perhaps it contains considerable damage or deterioration? Then it’s time for a roof replacement, but installing a new roof requires a considerable investment. That’s where your homeowner’s insurance policy comes in. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your damaged roof, your insurance policy may be willing to cover the replacement. Curious what you need to do to save money on your new roof? The experts at Keyprime Roofing explain how to get your insurance to foot the bill below.

Is It Okay to Install Metal Roofing Over Asphalt Shingles?

If you’re looking to install a more durable, lasting, energy-efficient roof, opting for metal roofing is an excellent choice. If your existing roof is shingled, you may have heard you can install a metal roof over top of it — but is that a safe choice? Will opting for a metal overlay deliver the durability and longevity you need? The roofing contractors at Keyprime Roofing explain what you need to know about installing a metal roof over shingles.

Considering Cedar Roofing? Top 8 Pros and Cons

If you’re on the hunt for a uniquely appealing roofing material, cedar shake may have caught your eye. But appearance isn’t the only thing you should consider when deciding which roofing material is right for your home. At Keyprime Roofing, we understand the many factors a homeowner must consider when selecting exterior construction materials. After all, it's those materials that play a vital role in protecting your home. If you’ve been considering cedar shake shingles as your roofing material of choice, take a few minutes to learn about their pros and cons below.

7 Signs of Roof Damage You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Routine roof maintenance and timely repairs can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses associated with a complete roof replacement. When you turn a blind eye to minor signs of roof damage or fail to recognize that damage altogether, the underlying issue will only grow worse.

Should You Install Metal Roofing? 5 Pros and Cons to Consider

Metal roofing has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, not only for its clean aesthetic but also for its incredible durability and longevity. According to reports issued by construction analysts, metal is now one of the most popular roofing materials in both new construction and roof replacements, second only to asphalt shingles. If you’re considering opting for a metal roof on your home, the roofing contractors at Keyprime Roofing have outlined the pros and cons of metal that every homeowner should

Asphalt Shingles: 9 Advantages & Drawbacks

If you’re building a home this summer or getting ready to replace your existing roof, chances are you’ve considered installing asphalt shingles. Asphalt has long been the most popular roofing material on the market, primarily due to its affordable price point and design versatility. However, historic popularity doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best choice for every homeowner’s needs or design goals. If you’re considering asphalt shingles for your new roof, take a couple of minutes to learn about their pros and cons from the roofing contractors at Keyprime Roofing.

Trying to Beat the Summer Heat? 3 Energy-Efficient Roof Installation Options

Did you know your roof plays an integral role in indoor temperature maintenance? Or that the materials your roof is made out of can either improve or decrease your household energy efficiency? At Keyprime Roofing, we know how important the right roofing materials are for both performance and longevity. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve outlined which roofing options are your best bet for combating summer heat while keeping your monthly energy bills reasonable.

Summer Roof Maintenance: 4 Valuable Tips

Winter isn’t the only time you need to practice routine roof maintenance — ongoing roof care is a year-round endeavor! Though winter snow and ice dam removal comprise the majority of the requisite roof maintenance homeowners should perform, the summer season also comes with its fair share of potentially damaging weather conditions. And if you neglect routine maintenance throughout the year, your roof is at a higher risk for damage and deterioration. Below, our Keyprime Roofing team has outlined essential maintenance tips for keeping your roof in top form all year long.

Routine Maintenance: 5 Tips To Extend the Life of Your Roof

Planning to replace your old roof? Then you need to know how to care for it properly. A new roof is a substantial investment, and when properly maintained, it can last for decades. When neglected, however, even a brand new roof can suffer unnecessary damage or deterioration that will ultimately shorten its lifespan. If you’re not quite sure how to help your roof stand the test of time, our Keyprime Roofing team explains a few useful tips below.

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